Keep Your Jewelry As Good As New With Ukoke Ultrasonic Cleaner

Keep Your Jewelry As Good As New With Ukoke Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Keep Your Jewelry As Good As New With Ukoke Ultrasonic Cleaner


No matter how much we treasure our beautiful jewelry collection, it is important to ensure that it is cleaned and maintained regularly! But it comes with its own set of challenges, such as not being cleaned properly, waiting for days to get it cleaned from professionals, or damaging it in the process. All these problems can be solved with one solution that is- Ukoke Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners.

These cleaners come in different sizes so that you can get one that suits you the best, and it offers many functions and benefits. Besides jewelry cleaning, it can also be used for other items like baby bottles, watches, coins, lab instruments, eyeglasses, utensils, dentures, etc.

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How Does It Work?

This device works by emitting 42000 Hz frequency ultrasonic energy waves that creates millions of small cleaning bubbles. These bubbles act as the cleaning agent and reach all the hard-to-reach places to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt and tarnish to clean the items perfectly. It uses tap water, but you can also add detergent for even better performance.


What Makes It Better than Other Options?

When we try to clean the jewelry by ourselves with a cleaning solution and brush, the brush doesn’t reach everywhere because jewelry has an intricate design with curves and services. But, the ultrasonic waves ensure that every part of your jewelry gets cleaned and make it look as good as new. Here is what this device offers:


  • Degas Function

Water naturally has dissolved gases when it comes out of any water supply. This is the reason why the jewelry usually damages in water. Our ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry comes with a degas function that will eliminate all gases so that your products will not be oxidized or have any chemical reactions with air in the cleaner.

  • Built-in Heater

Ultrasonic cleaning works best in hot water; in most cleaners, you need to heat up the water yourself, and there are chances of not getting the right temperature and damaging the items. But this device has a built-in heat-up function that does all the work for you.


  • No Harsh Scrubbing or Chemicals

Most cleaners use strong solutions and scrubbing motion to clean the jewelry, which takes away all its originality. This device uses water, the safest liquid and produces millions of microscopic cleaning bubbles that penetrate through the most difficult areas without scrubbing the items. As a result, you get clean and sparkly jewelry with zero damage.


  • Multipurpose Cleaning

This device is not only for households but can also be used by watch shops, jewelry shops, labs, offices, dental clinics, or vintage stores. It works perfectly for delicate and small items made of metal, ceramic or glass. However, some items are not suitable for this device, such as microfiber, coral, pearls, emeralds, jades, and jewelry or glasses that have been scratched or oxidized.



Ending Thoughts

Jewelry is the most treasured possession of us, and we cannot afford to get it damaged or lose it. Therefore, Ukoke has developed this ultrasonic cleaning device with advanced technology to effortlessly let you do the cleaning yourself. Its modern design makes it perfect to be placed in your house without ruining the aesthetics of your interior design.

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