About Ukoke

Live Simple, Live Smart With Ukoke!

Headquartered in Southern California, Ukoke is a complete automation system with intuitive control suitable for residential homes, commercial premises, and other purposes. We leverage our expert knowledge, unique talent and advanced technology to design and develop state-of-the-art home appliances that help people do their daily routine tasks more efficiently and easily. All our products are developed keeping simplicity, technology, and convenience in mind. 

Making your lives easier and simpler within everyday!


About the Company

Ukoke is a US registered brand that started in 2017, and has multiple certifications and complies with all the standards and policies. We have an in-house manufacturer skilled in R&D that supports the development and promotion of Ukoke’s smart products. Our in-house manufacturing capability has given us a competitive advantage with high production quality and low production costs. Therefore, we offer our products to you at market-competitive prices.  Here are our unique solutions:


  • IoT Devices: Our devices are developed leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which can be controlled by Wi-Fi and has the convenience of voice-control and mobile-app control.
  • Voice Control Convenience: The devices have a voice control option that can be operated by voice commands from Amazon Alexa, Apple Homepod, or Google Home.
  • Mobile App Control: To offer our customers ease of use, we have developed a mobile app of Ukoke, which can easily be downloaded on their smart devices from AppStore or Play stores.

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Our Vision

“To equip every house with intelligent and convenient automation systems that are simple to use yet affordable.”

Our Mission

“To devote our talent and technology to produce superior automation products that offer you peace of mind knowing that everything is under control.”

Our Values

  • Excellence

We are committed to developing smart products that are nothing but the best in the market. Our passion for excellence drives us to perform better and exceed expectations.

  • Innovation

Technology and innovativeness are at the heart of our company. Our Research and Development (R&D) capabilities allow us to continuously enhance our products and offer new and improved products and services that satisfy the changing needs of our customers.

  • Integrity

Following all the ethical guidelines is the founding principle of our business. We ensure fairness, respect, and transparency in all our processes.

  • Diversity

We have a diverse team on board with us, and during designing the products, we consider the needs of every entity no matter what part of the world they belong to.

  • Ecological Sustainability

Ecological sustainability is one of our main values since our line of work involves a lot of manufacturing and development. Therefore, we consider it our obligation to take care of the environment in the process.

19575 East Walnut Drive South, Units C16& C17, 

City of Industry, California 91748. 

Tel:  (909)606-4551

Email: info@ukoke.com