Cleaning Delicate Items Has Never Been Easier! Learn How

Cleaning Delicate Items Has Never Been Easier! Learn How

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Cleaning Delicate Items Has Never Been Easier! Learn How


Family heirlooms, wedding rings, and valuable watches are some items that have many memories attached to them. But what good are these heirlooms and ornaments if they lose their glistening and you don't get to wear them?

Since these jewelry items and ornaments are so delicate and valuable, cleaning them might seem risky to you. But we are here with a solution!

Ukoke brings Ultrasonic Cleaner that is powerful yet gentle and cleans all the delicate items instantly with zero damage. And the best part is that you don't need a professional to do it; its user-friendliness makes it effortless and convenient for you to clean your items yourself. Here is all that you need to do about it!

Ukoke Ultrasonic Cleaner

There are many other cleaners available in the market, or you can even get it cleaned by a professional- so why get Ukoke ultrasonic cleaners? Well, here is why!


Professional Jewelry Cleaning Results within Minutes

Now you have your own professional at home that takes only a few minutes to clean your items no matter how dirty they are. Ultrasonic cleaners are perfect to use for cleaning delicate items such as jewelry, watches, dentures, lab instruments, glasses, baby bottles etc. It is perfect for houses or offices to easily maintain your items' cleanliness without waiting for days.

Convenient and Efficient Cleaning

Unlike any other cleaner, ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasound waves to remove the dirt from the items without damaging them. This device generates sound waves of 42000 Hz, which cleans the most stubborn dirt or grime without needing any chemicals as it can be operated with tap water. You can also add liquid dish soap for even better cleaning.


Equipped With Latest Technology

Ukoke uses the latest technology to enhance the function of its devices and offer one-of-a-kind performance. In this cleaner, there is a Degas function that protects your valuable items from getting oxidized. Another great thing about this particular cleaner is that it comes with a built-in heater and ensures that the cleaning solution is heated up at just the right temperature for better performance. 


The Cleaning Process

Even if you have no experience using any kind of cleaning device, you can use it easily. It has a touch control system that makes it convenient to use. Here is how to use it:

  • You need to fill the tank with clean water and add liquid dish soap if the items are extremely dirty.
  • Now put the items in the tank and make sure not to overload it to avoid any damage to the items.
  • This device has a smart timing system that lets you efficiently choose the cleaning cycle time according to the item you are using. There are 5-time cycles, i.e., 90, 180, 280, 380, and 480, to offer you more precise control.
  • After you have selected your desired time, start the device- it will do its magic, and you will get your items clean and shiny in minutes!
  • Once the device is done cleaning, don't take the items out immediately. Let them sit there for a while and wait for the water's temperature to come down.


Wrapping Up

This single device can do so many tasks making it a perfect investment for you to make! The whole family can use this to clean their items without spending money on professional cleaners. Its powerful technology cleans everything from dirt, tarnish, oil, etc. and leaves everything spick and span! So why not get one?

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