Want to Buy a Professional Jewelry Cleaner For a Holiday Gift? Buy this One!

Want to Buy a Professional Jewelry Cleaner For a Holiday Gift? Buy this One!

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Features of Ukoke Jewelry Timer Cleaner

A perfect gift for transforming dull jewelry into dazzling jewelry in minutes with ultrasonic cleaning!

Jewelry and other accessories made of deluxe materials are valuable and classic that everybody wants to keep for a long time. However, jewelry like bracelets, rings, and other valuable items like coins and watches can often blacken, get rust and stains. This decreases their aesthetic properties and value, which is why it is important to keep the jewelry and other crucial accessories clean.

But how could you keep your jewelry clean? You may find different cleaners available in the market that can clean your jewelry amazingly, but they might be damaging in the long run. That’s why you need the right jwelery cleaner to keep your cherished and expensive pieces of jewelry as neat as new. With the right cleaning machine, you can clean out your jewelry and again make them like new without damaging its surface.

This Ukoke Ultrasonic cleaner professional with the timer cleans the jewelry using the wave frequency, which is perfect for cleaning the intricate and delicate jewelry. The cleaning cycle is 9 seconds long and has an automatic shut-off. There are 5 cycles (i.e., 90, 180, 280, 380, and 480 seconds) that you can choose according to your jewelry cleaning time.

Isn't this the perfect holiday gift for jewelry lovers?

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How Does It Work?

This Ukoke portable ultrasonic jewelry cleaner offers 360-degree cleaning. It only uses the water without requiring any harmful chemicals and cleaning solution to clean out your jewelry and other valuables. However, users can add some dish or liquid soap to the water, but ultrasonic waves are enough to offer a powerful cleaning, as we have mentioned above.

Furthermore, this cleaner comes with the Degas Function for supreme cleaning performance. This means any water that comes from a pressurized water supply contains dissolved gases. These gases need to be de-gassed or removed for maximum ultrasonic cleaning performance. So, Ukoke ultrasonic cleaner features the advanced Degrassing function, which will prevent oxidizing products.

To use this jewelry cleaner, you have to select the cycle, insert the valuables into the system, and push the button to get started. That’s how it quickly removes the built-up grimes and oil from the hard-to-reach areas of the jewelry and provides dazzling shine!

Features of Ukoke Jewelry Timer Cleaner

  • User Friendly: Ukoke jewelry timer cleaner can renew your jewelry simply in minutes. Just fill the tank with the water, insert your items and get squeaky clean jewelry in minutes.
  • Touch Control Panel: This machine comes with a touch control panel that is much more durable and stable than the ordinary button.
  • Deep and Gentle Cleaning: This plastic, stainless steel machine packs a gentle punch of the 42000 Hz of the Ultrasonic energy waves, creating millions of microscopic cleaning bubbles that gently lift the dirt and grime away.

One crucial thing to notice here is this machine is not suitable for pearls, jades, microfiber, emeralds, circuit bo, and coral.

Want your loved ones to enjoy the simplification of jewelry cleaning? Get them Ukoke supreme portable jewelry cleaning machine this holiday!


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