Top 6 Benefits of Having a Portable Air Conditioner

Top 6 Benefits of Having a Portable Air Conditioner

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Top 6 Benefits of Having a Portable Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a convenient and energy-efficient way to cool your place? Do you think that using a central air conditioner for cooling just one room is wasting your money? Do you need a portable device that works as an AC, heater, dehumidifier, and fan which can be controlled with your smartphones? The answer to all your questions is Ukoke Portable Air Conditioner!

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What Is It?

Ukoke Portable AC is a smart device with a 4-in-1 feature that can work as an air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier and fan. What makes it best from other portable ACs is that it uses an intelligence system to detect the room temperature and adjust its functions accordingly. Its voice control option lets you turn it on/off high/low by giving a voice command as it can be connected to any home automation device via WiFi. This device is made with high-end technology, an eco-friendly refrigerant and an efficient compressor that offers low-noise operation and high cooling in less time. Here are some of its top benefits:


1.    Low Price

A portable air conditioner is an affordable alternative to central or wall-mounted air conditioning systems. Central AC systems can be very expensive as they work to cool the whole house. There are days when you need cooling for only 1-2 rooms, and portable ACs are a great economical option for that. Or if you are someone who doesn't need cooling in every room of the house, this AC will be perfect for you. It cuts down the electricity bill and offers the same comfort as any central AC system.


2.    Easy to Install

No need to break a sweat or ask a professional's help to install this portable AC. All you have to do is connect the exhaust hose to the window and start using it- it comes with a manual that will tell you everything in detail about its setup and operations.


3.    Year-Round Operation

This portable device is more than just an AC; it offers year-round comfort with its 4-in-1 feature. You don't need to go around and buy a heater when winter comes; this device will be sufficient for that. It even works as a fan, so you can take it with you outdoors to enjoy its comfort on a sunny day.


4.    Control It With Your Phone

It is a WiFi-enabled portable device that can be easily operated with your smartphones or tablets. Ukoke has an official application that can be downloaded from Appstore or Playstore, and you can control your AC with it. Other than that, you can also connect this AC to Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Pod to operate it with your voice commands.


5.    Low-Noise Operation

One of the biggest disadvantages of portable ACs is that they have very loud noise operation which deprives you of good peaceful sleep at night, it is even harder to use it in the kids' room. But not with this device! Ukoke has developed this portable AC using advanced compressors for low noise operation, offering you comfort at all times.


6.    No Restrictions

Landlords or the building management sometimes restrict you from installing wall-mounted or central air conditioners. With such restrictions, this portable AC is your best option because it doesn't need any installation or fittings.


The Bottom line

Ukoke Smart Portable AC has many benefits, but what makes it the best from other cooling systems is that it can be your ultimate comfort device all year long. With its convenience and simplicity, it is safe to say that it brings the best and hassle-free cooling/heating solution to any room. Make sure to check out Ukoke's official website, Amazon or Walmart stores to get your hands on it!

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