A Small Portable Electric Sprayer that Does Mighty Jobs

A Small Portable Electric Sprayer that Does Mighty Jobs

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A Small Portable Electric Sprayer that Does Mighty Jobs


Ukoke has made your life considerably better! From gardening to sterilizing, everything has been taken care of with this cordless electric sprayer. 

Battery-powered cordless sprayers can make tackling all sorts of tasks a lot simpler. You don’t have to worry about their heavy load or dragging an electric cord beside you. There is no hassle of refilling petrol or gas, and you can carry it wherever you go!


Besides having multiple benefits, it also comes in handy for a lot of tasks, making it a must-have product. First, let’s take a look at its features, then we will get onto what mighty jobs it can do.


Ukoke Cordless Electric Power Sprayer

This cordless sprayer is powered with a 20V battery- it is compact and lightweight, making it convenient for you to carry it around and do the spraying effortlessly. Its handheld design gives you a good grip and is extremely comfortable to use. This power tool has multiple certifications showing that it is safe and durable to use. Here are some of its main features:

  • It offers pump-free spraying with up to 15 feet of distance, maintaining a consistent pressure of 45 psi and 0.132 GPM (500ml per min).
  • It has a separable water tank so you can easily fill it from a sink or any other source, eliminating the chance of water getting into the machine, hence less maintenance.
  • It comes with an adjustable nozzle spray in which you can change its setting from a stream to a fan or mist spray. The trigger with lock-on option allows you to do continuous spraying.
  • A 10-inch extra long stainless spray with a curved tip to do on-target spraying.
  • Multiple Certifications UL, ELT, CE, SD, EMC, CSA.


What Can It Do?

●      Garden Maintenance

You can use the sprayer for watering the plants and the garden and adjust the spray setting accordingly for precise control. Its consistent pressure and long wand let you do a more uniform spray and ensure to reach every spot. It can also be used as a pesticide sprayer for your garden, homes, or lawns. The long wand of this device and consistent high pressure offers on-target spraying so you can get rid of any pests and maintain the garden peacefully.

●      Sterilization

Nowadays, sterilization has become really important for households and offices. The traditional dry and wet dusting methods are not effective for sterilization and disinfecting purposes; instead, it results in spreading the germs even more.


This electric sprayer makes disinfecting any surface effective and easy. You can fill its tank with the sterilization solution and adjust the nozzle setting to mist spray and spray it over any surface you wish. It allows the appropriate disinfectants, sanitizers or mold preventatives to spread around and coat all types of surfaces evenly, ensuring not a single spot is missed.


●      Cleaning

This cordless electric power sprayer can also be used as a cleaning spray for your house. Its high pressure and long wand target each dirty corner of your house; you can even change the spray from water to any cleaning solution you want.


Wrapping Up

Thanks to its convenience and versatility, your house chores will be significantly reduced once you buy this multi-purpose electric sprayer. Its sterilization function is a plus point in the current situation to ensure that your family stays safe and healthy.


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