Top 5 Benefits of Having a Split Air Conditioning System

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Split Air Conditioning System

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Top 5 Benefits of Having a Split Air Conditioning System

Today, more people use air conditioning units to make their homes more comfortable. In 2020 alone, the from: World Economic Forum reported that 90% of American households used air conditioning. This trend has been staying strong for the past 20 years, illustrating the necessity of indoor cooling. If you're about to invest in an air conditioning unit, you'll want to choose the best one. For this, consider split air conditioning systems. Unlike traditional cooling systems that operate with one big machine, split types are divided into two units: the outdoor unit holds the compressor and condenser, while the indoor unit filters and distributes cool air. This makes it well-suited for your home for several reasons. Here are five of them.


Easy installation

Split-type air conditioners can be fitted into any room, regardless of whether or not you have windows. Since they don't need ductwork or windows, they can be mounted to any wall with only copper tubing and cables. Your connector for the outdoor unit usually has a diameter of 3 inches and can be as far as 100 feet away from your indoor unit. This makes it convenient to place anywhere — even in rooms that weren't originally designed to have cooling systems.

Easy maintenance

You can maintain a split-type unit on your own by simply cleaning its indoor and outdoor units every two weeks. Aircon Experts, which publishes comprehensive air conditioner guides and reviews on the world's leading brands, discusses that manufacturers design these systems' settings to be user-friendly for this purpose. For example, you can quickly locate an indoor unit's air filters after opening it up. These are prone to dust accumulation due to air inflow, so just vacuum or wash them before reinstalling. Meanwhile, outdoor units often only need external cleaning. This may involve removing leaves or debris obstructing the mechanism. Because of these simple maintenance processes, you only need to get your units serviced once a year to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Energy efficiency Cooling systems can be a heavy expense for your home. In fact,, finds that American households spend 11% more on their electricity bills when they own an air conditioning unit. Fortunately, most split-type air conditioners are designed with inverter technology, which helps reduce energy consumption. Inverter compressors can control an incoming electric current's frequency to operate the air conditioning unit at varying speeds. This reduces the amount of electricity used, cutting down on the high electricity costs associated with air conditioning.

Quiet operations

Although most air conditioning units will produce at least a steady and low buzzing noise, certain types are much louder than others. Our article, ''The Points You Must Know Before Buying an AC,'' reveals that split-type units are quieter than window-type air conditioners, which need to be mounted on a window. Since a window-type's compressor — the part of a unit that produces the most noise — is located near the room it cools, it typically emits noises ranging from 50 to 70 decibels. In contrast, a split-type's compressor is located in the outdoor unit. This means that though outdoor units can make noises of up to 72 decibels, the indoor units that you actually hear can reach as low as 32 decibels. That's similar to the sound of someone whispering nearby.

Interior design versatility

One last consideration would be how well split-type air conditioning units fit into any interior. Because of their sleek minimalist design, they can blend in unnoticeably. Thanks to their ease of installation, they can also be hung on walls or from the ceiling so as not to block natural lighting — and they don't require extensive drilling. Because split-type units are usually placed high up, they also minimize the need to rearrange furniture placements to avoid any obstructions to airflow.

Before investing in a cooling system, it's crucial to weigh the pros of your chosen unit. These five benefits show you can't go wrong with a split-type air conditioning system. For more information on home appliances, check us out here on Ukoke

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