The Points you must know before buying an AC

The Points you must know before buying an AC

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Summer is the peak time to invest in an Air Conditioner to make the things go smooth. No doubt, market is flooded with different options and you may get confused when it comes to choose the best one for you. Here in this guide, we have mentioned top tips to make your search easier. Check out some important points given below:


You should keep this point in mind before investing in any AC. 1 ton AC is enough for area smaller than 140 Sq. Ft. and 1.5-ton AC is needed for a room has area more than 140 Sq. Ft., you may need 2-ton AC if area is greater than 180 Sq. Ft. This is quite important to take this point into consideration if you really want AC works for your room.

Go with more efficient options:

You know, electric appliances consume a lot of power and put burden on your electricity bill. You should try investing on the options that ensure least power consumption. How can you do it? Higher star rating ensures least power consumption, check star rating before purchasing.


There are two types of AC available in the market - Window AC and Split AC. You can choose any of them based on your requirements. Window AC is easier to install as compared to Split AC. However, if we consider factors like air distribution and power of blower, Split AC is better than Window AC. Also, Split AC produce much less noise as compared to Window AC.

Think about portable air conditioners:

These are perfectly capable to keep you cool during hot days, but they also keep you warm during winters. They are loaded with features like fan, dehumidifiers, voice control and more. These AC can connect to Alexa and Wi-Fi easily. You can easily adjust temperature, turn on/off Air conditioner, check current room temperature and switch cool to heat mode with convenient voice control facility. Its all about intelligent technology.

Air quality

If there is higher temperature or frequent rains or more humidity in your locality, then you should go for an AC that offers better dehumidification. Better dehumidification will result in better cooling and gives more comfort. Also consider an AC with good air filter. A good air filter is necessary for better cooling and energy efficiency.

Installation and maintenance

A proper installation is very important for better performance of your AC. Split AC has two units – indoor and outdoor units. So installation is bit tricky and time consuming in this case. Whereas, in case of window AC it is a single compact unit and hence installation is easier. You should always get the AC installed by an authorized technician.


You can also determine which AC to purchase based on the feature it offers. Now a days lot of features such as auto climate control, auto fan speed, auto power saving mode, auto restart, etc are available and also there is a wide range of inverter AC available.

Cooling speed

It is a very important factor when it comes to choosing the AC. Now a days AC come with various features that enhance cooling speed. Some these features are two fans, adjustable thermostat, variable speed and more.

These are the top points that help you get the best possible option for your home. You should always choose the best platform to buy an AC for your home or office.

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