Why Ukoke’s Portable Air Conditioner Will Be Your Best Purchase This Year?

Why Ukoke’s Portable Air Conditioner Will Be Your Best Purchase This Year?

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Why Ukoke’s Portable Air Conditioner Will Be Your Best Purchase This Year?

A smart portable device that keeps you chilled in summer and warm in winters; works as a dehumidifier and is controlled by your voice commands. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true!


For those of you who don’t know what a portable air conditioner is, it does the job exactly like any other air conditioner. The main difference is that it combines all the processing units in one stand-alone device, making it easier to move around. It functions the same way by combining the refrigeration cycle in a compact device.


Portable Air Conditioners are no doubt super convenient, they eliminate the hassle of installation, and you can move them around your house to make the most out of it. But that’s not enough considering how technology has evolved and offers us so many benefits. Leveraging the same advanced technology, we have developed a smart device that can work according to the temperature in the surroundings to offer you the best experience. Not only that, but we have also added the convenience of voice and mobile app control that lets you operate this device easily.


You can get it easily from all the Walmart stores near you or from Amazon or the official Ukoke website! If you need to further understand its amazing features and functionality, then keep reading!


Multi-Functional Appliance

Our device doesn’t only work as an air conditioner, but it comes with four in one features, making it super cost-efficient and convenient. It is made with advanced technology and intelligent control that universally adjusts the device according to the temperature. The four functions that come with this device are cool, heat, dehumidifier, and fan. The fan comes with three modes: high, medium, and low; you can easily control its wind direction and relax with the added swing function.



Smart Device & Intelligent Controls

It is a smart device that can be connected with Wi-Fi. This function makes it really convenient to control. You can connect it with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or any other home automation device and with the voice control option, you simply have to give a command to turn it on/off or change its settings.


If you are busy and your hands are tied with house chores, you simply have to say the words, and this device will do that for you!


You can give voice commands for turning it on/off, adjusting temperature, switching from one mode to another, or check the current room temperature- all with just one voice command!


We also have an Ukoke mobile application that can be installed on your phones or tablets- you can do all that with this application as well. That’s not it, because we also offer traditional remote control, so those of you who are more comfortable with such devices can easily operate it.


High-end Technology & Low Noise Operation

It is equipped with a 12K BTU cooling capacity, which can easily cool up 400 square feet of floor space. If you wish to switch from a cooler to a heater, it takes only 10 minutes to warm up the whole space. Ukoke’s portable AC is equipped with an eco-friendly R410A refrigerant and efficient compressor that lowers the noise down to 53dB, sufficient to maintain the desired temperature while you sleep peacefully.



Convenience & Cost-Effective

It can be effortlessly installed without the need of calling any technician. This device has four wheels which makes it convenient to move all around the house. Whether you need it in your living room, kitchen, garage or bedroom- take it wherever you go; it is lightweight and works perfectly everywhere. Due to its fan mode, you can even take it outdoors and relax in the daytime.

If you are scared about its maintenance, then don’t be! The air conditioning unit comes with washable filters placed at its back and on both sides (left and right). These filters can easily be removed, washed and reinstalled without the help of any professional. There is no need to get new replacement filters and save your money with this device.


Not convinced quite yet? Let’s find out the top benefits of Ukoke Portable AC!


How Is It Different Than Other Portable ACs?


  • It can be used indoors and outdoors

Imagine sitting by the pool, reading your favorite magazine. But the risen temperature and all that sweat make it hard for you to enjoy some me-time. In that case, all you need is a portable AC that can work outdoors as well!


  • Low Price

Some portable air conditioners can cost you an arm and a leg with much less functionality. Ukoke’s portable AC is doing the job of a portable heater, dehumidifier and a fan for you. Imagine how much cost you are saving with this single system that too at a much lower price! Check out its price here


  • User Friendly

High-tech devices usually make it harder for people to control and understand their functionality. Our device comes with many options to control it so the whole family can easily use the portable AC when they want.


  • Low Noise Operation

Portable air conditioners mostly make a ridiculously loud noise which makes it impossible for you to sleep, even more so for your kids. Since it uses high-tech compressors which lower its noise, it can easily be used in kids rooms or your own.


Wrapping Up

Unlike other manufacturers, we won’t leverage the summertime to trick you into getting this portable AC because our device is useful for you in each season, all year long. All you get are endless benefits in one single device that is equipped with the latest technology and smart functionality.


So what are you waiting for? Head into our website and get this device delivered to your house ASAP!

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