Ukoke Cordless Pole Tree Pruning is the Answer To All Your Gardening Problems

Ukoke Cordless Pole Tree Pruning is the Answer To All Your Gardening Problems

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Ukoke Cordless Pole Tree Pruning is the Answer To All Your Gardening Problems

If you live near the wilderness, owning a tree pruning tool is necessary. There’s no need for you to run around and look for the most efficient and helpful one as Ukoke has come up with the solution for that!

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Continue reading and find out every detail related to the product, so it clears up your mind and eases you up from all the queries.


Why Buy Ukoke Pole Tree Pruning Tool

This must-have garden tool is a multi-purpose product that is sure to leave you in awe with its features and specialties.


  • Cutting & Trimming Made Easy

This garden tool has 3.8-inch sharp Sk-5 blades that are made in Japan with the finest quality.

Application: You can easily cut down or trim the trees with these superior-quality blades. You also don't have to oil those blades regularly to keep the tool in an operating mode as the ordinary trimmer does. You also don't have to worry about the blades breaking or the sharpness of the blades weakening.


  • Battery

It has a 20V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a 2.0Ah capacity to reduce gas and noise pollution.

Application: It gives you at least a 3-hour charge capacity without any power supply.


  • Easy to Carry

It is portable because of its feature of extending or shrinking at your notice. The maximum length it can go to is 6.9' to 9.8'. It also only weighs 7Lbs with a firm grip of the double handle.

Application: You can either extend the pole or shorten it according to your liking and start cutting, trimming, pruning, or whatever you want.


  • Safer, Faster, and Fresher Cut

It can offer 2500rpm and 8000 min load speed with the drive gear rotation of the blades. It also has a secure lock to put on and off whenever needed.

Application: Simply hold the lock-off button and then pull the trigger to open the tool. Once the tool is started, slowly discharge the lock-off button.


Why Do You Need This?

Not only is it advantageous for one use but others too, for example, cutting, pruning, or even trimming the trees. It is neither hard to carry, nor do you have to worry about the battery outage, the power supply, or even short-circuiting. It is indeed no doubt a blessing to those who use traditional tree trimmers.




Final Observation

All of the features mentioned above are enough to give you the idea of this Cordless pole tree pruning that could be of use in not just one but many ways. You should give it a try to get all your gardening requirements satisfied with just one product of Ukoke!

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