This Ukoke Cordless Screwdriver is a Must-Have for Your Tool Kit!

This Ukoke Cordless Screwdriver is a Must-Have for Your Tool Kit!

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This Ukoke Cordless Screwdriver is a Must-Have for Your Tool Kit!


Want to include something in your tool kit which is efficient, time-saving, and complements your ultra-modern tool-set?

If yes, Ukoke cordless screwdriver can become the right addition to your tool kit!

Cordless screwdrivers are compact tools run on batteries and are suitable for projects needing a lot of movement. They are commonly known for high power, portability, and compactness. Further, this device is also suitable for confined places.

Here is how!


How Does Ukoke Cordless Screwdriver Work?

UKOKE cordless screwdriver offers speed, precision and its super lightweight to carry.  Basically, this cordless driver merges two devices in one: a cordless screwdriver and a drill. No matter if you want to screw a shelf or want to drill a hole in the wall, with the help of this Ukoke cordless screwdriver, you can do both!

Moreover, you are getting a diverse range of applications, easy handling, and remarkable price performance, making it stand out from the crowd.

Features of Ukoke Cordless Screwdriver

Here is what you are getting in this Ukoke cordless screwdriver:

  • Ukoke 3.6 Li-ion cordless screwdriver is a high-performing device with a 3-gear torque adjustment that makes the difficult house chores quick and easy.
  • In this Ukoke cordless screwdriver, you can get a 1 monthly refund and a 12-month replacement warranty. Also, the package contains a 1x 3.6V Screwdriver, 28x 25mm Bits, 1x 50mm PH2 Impact bit, 1x 6mm magnetic bit holder,1x USB charging cable, 1x adjustable bar, and 1x Carry case with a hanging hook.
  • Not only ideal for all types of screwing or unscrewing tasks but perfect for refurbishing the fences, assembling the furniture parts, setting up shelves, etc. However, it is not suitable for hard surfaces like the wall.
  • Another plus point of this device is you don’t need to bear the muscle pain with it. Also, its ergonomic handle is made with soft rubber material to offer you comfort when you are working longer.
  • Ukoke cordless has an in-built rechargeable battery that offers a working time of 40 minutes. Further, it is supported by the USB Type-C cable, which means you can charge it with any means like a laptop, power bank, car, and any charger to get your job done quickly.

Ukoke 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver is a modern device that is lightweight and sturdy. Whether you want to keep it at your home or want to include it in your tool kit, this tool’s dual led lights and a display panel will make your work like any professional.



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