Seven Steps to Follow Before Starting the Air Conditioner

Seven Steps to Follow Before Starting the Air Conditioner

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It is advisable to install an air - conditioning device to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Getting a portable air conditioner for sale is crucial to keep the air chill and prevent you from passing out due to the scorching heat in the summer.

If you're lucky enough to have an air conditioning unit, you know how much comfort it can provide during the warmer seasons. Nevertheless, you must activate the system and ensure it is running properly if you wish to experience the money you spent on portable air conditioner price. Despite the common assumption, the device cannot always operate properly by pressing the "on" switch.

You must take specific actions before turning on the device you got from the portable ac unit sale if you want to have one that works. Those seven steps will be covered in detail in this blog.

1. Check the condition of the thermostat

You found a portable ac unit sale last year and have not used it since then. Before switching on the air conditioning system, checking the thermostat is the initial thing. The component of the ac unit that displays the temp adjustment is known as the thermostat. For instance, when the thermostat is adjusted to a high setting, hot air is released from the appliance; when put to a low setting, cool air is released. The thermostat needs to be in good condition to guarantee that you enjoy chilled air.

While looking at the thermostat, consider whether it should be changed or whether it is simply out of date. Programmable thermostats are strongly advised since they can reduce energy consumption over time. A programmable thermostat makes maintaining and regulating the system's temperature simpler.

2. Replace the filter

Most likely, you hadn't replaced the filter ever since the summer of the previous year when you bought a portable air conditioner for sale. A filter becomes blocked when it has gathered enough dust. This causes your air conditioning system to work much harder than necessary, increasing energy expenditures. Whether you own a window air conditioner or central air, remember to change the filter at least once each 3 months or as instructed by an expert to keep your AC system in good working order. Even without the help of a professional, changing air filters is very simple. The air filters can also be bought in hardware and on the internet. Before turning on an air conditioning system, this may be one of the most crucial and simple jobs to complete.

3. Examine the ductwork

Unsecured ducting becomes a cause of air conditioning system performance or damage. The passageways inside the air conditioning unit, known as "ductwork," are prone to be damaged over time. This is advised that you change the device if any of the following places begin to exhibit wear and tear symptoms. Since ductwork is involved in every step of the air conditioning process, a basic repair is not the best option.

4. Examine The Vents

The air vents must be free of blockages for the system's airflow to circulate throughout the building's rooms. To enable ventilation, you may examine the air vents all over the apartment to see whether they are obstructed or clean. Eliminate all obstructions to increase the system's performance and prevent system damage. Anything placed in front of vents, items left in front of the vents, and dust accumulated to clog the air vent are all examples of obstructions.

5. Clean Up the Condenser

The main function of the air conditioning condenser is to bring in outside air. The condenser absorbs anything that gets in its way throughout this cycle, including dry leaves, pollen, dirt, bugs, and more. Your air conditioning system will function properly if the condenser is cleaned first before the summer begins.

6. Inspect the drain line

You will find a drain by the unit's internal cooling coil while examining the air conditioning system. It is advised that you drain one cup of household bleach into the pipe and then wash it with fresh water to unclog the drain line. It will help to maintain the clear drain while in use. The drainage line can commonly, over time, get blocked due to the accumulation of dirt through the indoor coil, so it is crucial to inspect it. A portable air conditioner price is not low, so you do not want that to get damaged quickly. Cleaning the drain maintains the device's effectiveness and efficiency.

7. Hire a professional

Verify that the breaker button is operating properly. Check if it remains on. It fails after only a brief period of operation; an electrical malfunction has been discovered in the air conditioning machine. In this situation, one must contact a qualified professional to identify and resolve the problem. Also, contact an electrician immediately if you see any anomalies in the electrical wiring cables or couplings.

It is advised that you have your AC checked by a skilled professional to ensure it will function at its best. A qualified HVAC contractor can examine your system and address any issues before they become more serious.


It might be aggravating to have an issue with the portable air conditioner for sale you got during the warmest season of the year, midsummer. It might render your house intolerable. To make sure that you and your family can live comfortably, start taking care of the AC right now before it becomes unbearably hot. You must perform a complete system inspection if you wish to ensure that your air conditioning system is prepared for heat and humidity. If you prefer to relax and just breathe the cold air, you may also hire an expert to take care of it.

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