Reasons Why UKOKE Cordless Pole Tree Pruning Should Be Your Must-Have GardenTool

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 Reasons Why UKOKE Cordless Pole Tree Pruning Should Be Your Must-Have Garden Tool 

Gardening is the purest form of love expressing your love for nature, and it is an act that teaches us to express our love for Mother Earth. If you are always up to keeping your lawn fresh and clean, try out this Ukoke cordless tree pruning with all-in-one gardening tool features!

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Your garden care is in your hands now, so change the gardening game! Plant beautiful flowers and give your garden a fresh look with this pruning tool. Let’s take a look at the salient features of these gardening tool kits.

● No More Fatigue

Say goodbye to fatigue with this portable 7Lbs bare weight tool. It comes with a simple shoulder strap that relieves the pressure from your hand. The motor check and mechanical lubrication offer you a stable grip and anti-slip front.

 Designed With Sharp Japanese Blade

This gardening tool is mainly designed with Japanese SK5 blades with 8.3-inch sharpness. It allows you to quickly cut off all branches with sharp edges without any difficulty. It provides the perfect trimming work and is effortless to sharpen. Also, no matter how hard the branches are, they are hard to break with this UKOKE pruning tool.

 Long-Lasting Battery

The high-energy Lithium-ion battery provides a fade-free power flow. The battery voltage is 20V, compatible with all 20V Lithium tools. With the 2.0Ah battery capacity, you can reduce pollutants and gas noises while conveniently chopping down trees.

 Easy to Handle with Soft Grip

This product has all-in-one features such as cutting, pruning and trimming. And for all this purpose of work, you need a soft grip that comes with Ukoke Cordless Pole Tree Pruning for Tree Trimming. It provides a convenient grip with double handles from different positions, and its padded handles allow the user to have extra firmness.

 Make the Cutting Process Easier and Faster

It features an 8000 min load speed and a 2500 rpm drive gear rotation, allowing you to cut brushes at speed. You may set the saw's head at four different angles to quickly snag the hidden branches.

 Fast Charging

It has a charging capacity of 3-4 charges and can run for hours without opening the supply.

 Access to Hard-to-Reach Areas

When cutting, you can use this tool to secure and extend the standard 1.6" extension rod to a maximum length of 6.9" to 9.8" by pulling or loosening the clamp lever.


Gardening is a fun activity when you have the right gear. Buy this Ukoke Cordless Pole Saw and Tree Pruning and upgrade your lawn to its best!


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