Gardening Made Easier With Ukoke Cordless Electric Power Garden Sprayer

Gardening Made Easier With Ukoke Cordless Electric Power Garden Sprayer

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Over the past few years, the lawn and garden industry has grown substantially. Nowadays, people prefer maintaining their own lawns instead of hiring professionals. Gardening is more of a passionate hobby for baby boomers and not only a house chore.

One of the most primary parts of gardening is watering, which can be quite difficult if you have to drag a heavy garden sprayer everywhere. Also, there are many chances of your garden not getting a uniform and consistent water supply in each area. But now, there is no need to use your hands to pump up the pressure, worry about filling gas or have a heavy cord behind you. Ukoke Cordless Electric Power Garden Sprayer solves all the problems with its portability and ease of use.

It provides ease of watering your lawn and ensures that sufficient water is sprayed all over uniformly with consistent pressure. Here is all that you need to know about this spectacular gardening tool!

Pump-free Spraying

The battery-powered sprayer lets the fluid continuously cycle through the tank to make the whole process pump-free and convenient. Its constant pressure of 45 psi and 0.132 GPM (500ml per minute) ensures that every part of the garden, or even the hard-to-reach places at your house, gets the amount of water they need.


Say Goodbye to all the Insects

This sprayer is a multi-purpose device; it is not only to spray water to the garden but can be an excellent pesticide sprayer. Its adjustable extra-long electric power spray wand offers on-target spraying so you can spray pesticides or any other chemical which will reach every corner of your house, both indoors and outdoors. Ukoke’s versatile electric sprayer ensures that your home stays green and insect-free!


Multiple Spray Settings

It comes with an adjustable spray nozzle which gives you complete control over what kind of setting you want. From stream to fan spray, you can change the setting according to the area being sprayed. For example, if you need to spray water on the plants and grass, you can choose fan spray and its lock-on trigger for continuous spraying- in this way, it will continuously spray with constant pressure so you can do the work effortlessly.


Comfortable and Convenient

This sprayer is hand-held and comes in a compact size with a cordless battery, making it a pretty comfortable device to use, unlike other heavy sprayers that required a lot of manpower and effort. Even if you are unfamiliar with such sprayers, the user-friendliness of this device will eliminate any hassle- just watch the video and read its instructions, and you are good to go. From its settings to its operation, everything is easy, and any adult can use it.


A Powerful Disinfectant Sprayer

In times of Covid-19, we are required to disinfect everything in our surroundings. This sprayer makes the job much easier as you can spray a disinfectant solution with it. Just fill its tank with a disinfectant and spray it on all the areas you need to sanitize.


Safety and Durability

Ukoke’s first priority is the safety of the users. Therefore, all devices are user-friendly and have multiple certifications (UL, ELT, CE, GS, EMC, CSA). These certifications prove that this product is made with safe and highly durable material that will last for a prolonged time. Ukoke also offers a 1-year warranty for a new replacement, so if you have any quality issues, they will provide you with a new replacement within the year of purchase.

A High-Power Battery

Since this device is backed by a battery, it has to be a good one. Other batteries are 18V and 1.5A, which don’t offer a longer period of usage. No one likes to be worried about their battery running out while they are watering their garden. To give you more convenience, Ukoke has developed a 2.0A 20V lithium-ion battery which offers 15 minutes extra usage than other batteries.



Since there is a lithium-ion battery used to operate this device, it makes it ecofriendly. This battery emits less waste and creates less pollution than other sprayers, so it is a win-win situation for you. You can easily maintain a beautiful garden without harming your surroundings or the planet.


Less Maintenance

This device is made in such a way that it doesn’t require much maintenance. It has a separable water tank, which you can easily fill even via small sinks due to its lightweight. This eliminates the chance of water going into the circuitry of the device. Also, it doesn’t use gasoline, so you don’t have to store gas or oil. Devices with gas and oil require frequent maintenance, but this one doesn’t.


Quiet Operation

Such spraying devices are known for loud operation noises, but Ukoke’s electric sprayer makes almost no noise, making it quieter than other gas-burning engines. You can use this device at any time of the day without disturbing your neighbors or house members.


Closing Thoughts

Ukoke Cordless Electric Power Garden Sprayer has so many benefits and not a single reason why you shouldn’t buy this. It offers user-friendliness, compactness, long-range, long life, convenient transportation, easy to start operation, and minimal maintenance, all of which makes it a must-buy for all the gardening enthusiasts and homeowners.

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