An RO Water Filter That Doesn't Take Away its Healthy Nutrients

An RO Water Filter That Doesn't Take Away its Healthy Nutrients

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An RO Water Filter That Doesn't Take Away its Healthy Nutrients


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Reverse Osmosis (RO) process removes bad stuff from the water like heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides; in the process, it also removes the good stuff like magnesium and calcium. But that's not the case with Ukoke's Water Filter System!


Over the past 15 years, RO water filtration systems have been marketed and sold as clean and healthy drinking water. What most people don't know is that an ordinary RO filter removes healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bicarbonates and potassium in removing other contaminants. These nutrients are essential for the human body. Also, the pH level of filtered water is slightly acidic which makes its taste bitter. 

There is no doubt in the fact that Reverse Osmosis Filters offer clean water, but it is demineralized, which isn't good for us. According to WHO, low mineral water is unsuitable for long term human consumption, and it can also have negative health effects.


So what should one do to have clean and healthy drinking water? Ukoke's water filtration system has the 6th stage in its RO process called the Alkaline stage. It remineralizes water and gives back its nutrients and a balanced pH level, making it the best quality drinking water. Here is all that you need to know about it:


What Makes Ukoke's RO System Better Than Others?


  • 6 Stage Cleaning Process

Most reverse osmosis systems have a 5-stage cleaning process that offers slightly acidic water with 7.0 pH or below, but Ukoke's water filter systems have six stages that produce natural tasting water.

  • First, the tap water is cleared from all the sediments, sand, rust, or other dirt particles.
  • Then in the second and third stages, chloramines, odor, or any chemical present, is removed.
  • The fourth stage has an RO membrane that eliminates harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and fluoride. Most high-quality and expensive bottled water is filtered till this stage only. But in this RO system, the water is again cleared from any residual odor or taste.
  • Lastly the water is remineralized.


  • Remineralized Water

If you are someone who has come across this term for the first time, remineralized water is the water that gets its lost minerals back to make it suitable for drinking. It is done with the alkaline remineralization filter present in Ukoke's RO system.


This filter contains calcium and magnesium compound. The calcium compound brings the water to neutral pH (7.0), and the magnesium compound brings the pH above 7. This purified water has a better taste and makes great coffee, tea and food.


  • Easy & Leak Free Installation

This system can be easily installed without the need for any professional. It comes with user-friendly instructions and has an installation demo video that can help you install the whole system quickly and easily. Also, you won't need any threading pipes. You only have to push tubing ½ inch deep into the lead-free quick connectors that come with it- this ensures leak-free installation.


  • Safe & Healthy Water for the Whole Family

All the parts involved in its manufacturing, such as tanks, filters, tubing and other water contacting parts, are manufactured in compliance with FDA and NSF standards. This filter system also has IAPMO Water Quality Platinum Seal Certificate. It removes up to 99% contaminants, making it the perfect drinking water for the whole family, even for babies. The water from this filter has much better quality than the expensive bottled water.



Pure drinking water is optimal for our health, but not every water filter gives you the best quality. Ukoke has designed this reverse osmosis system by keeping everyone's health in mind. If you face any issues, you can get a full refund within one month of purchase and a new replacement within the first year. So, what else do you need? Get yours ASAP!,

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