6 Reasons Why you Need a Cordless Grass Trimmer For Your Lawn

6 Reasons Why you Need a Cordless Grass Trimmer For Your Lawn

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6 Reasons Why you Need a Cordless Grass Trimmer For Your Lawn

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A huge lawn with beautiful flowers, a pool-side BBQ, and a bright sunny day. It is the recipe for a perfect day out...


But what if your lawn is overgrown and all that weed taking away all its beauty. Now here is another problem: traditional grass trimmers are heavy and inefficient, resulting in muscle fatigue and too much time consumption.


All these problems can be solved with the Ukoke cordless grass trimmer. Its powerful action can cut grass, weeds or similar soft vegetation on your lawn, garden, driveways or sideways with precision.

Ukoke is an expert in using high technology to bring simple solutions; this grass trimmer is easy to use and comes with many features such as:

  • Tool-free adjustable handle
  • Telescopic pole with adjustable height and handle
  • Adjustable wheel edger for precise control
  • Pivoting head for edging and trimming
  • 12-inch cutting diameter with flower space guard
  • 20V 2.0 lithium-ion battery with 2 hours runtime


    If these amazing features didn’t convince you yet, let’s take a look at the advantages that this exceptional device offers…


    1.    2 Tools in One

    Ukoke’s grass trimmer can easily be converted into a wheeled edger from trimmer in seconds! Its pivoting head allows edging and trimming capabilities with edging wheels. Also, it has 2 support roller wheels that make your work precise for both edging and trimming purposes.


    2.    Easy to Use & Carry

    Portability is hands down one of the biggest advantages when it comes to gardening. Lifting and dragging heavy tools and doing rounds of your massive garden takes a toll on your muscles. Its portability and lightweight let you carry it easily.


    3.    No Dangers of Gas Emission

    Mostly grass trimmers need gas or other combustible fuels, and you have to be extra cautious with them. Ukoke’s device is environment-friendly because it is operated with a lithium-ion battery and doesn’t emit any poisonous gas, smoke or fumes. It offers a healthy environment for you and your family. 


    4.    Can Cover Any Distance

    Whether you have a vast lawn or have places like fence posts, rock patches, and flower beds, it can be a little hard to reach such distances with a traditional trimmer but not with Ukoke’s grass trimmer. This device is made in such a way that it can reach every nook and corner of your garden.  You can carry it anywhere, and nothing will interrupt its movements while trimming the grass because this cordless trimmer can be adjusted according to your purpose and moves with you.

    5.    Less Time Consuming & Maintenance

    Gas trimmers take their sweet time to warm up and then starts working; sometimes, it becomes fussy and doesn’t start properly and needs maintenance. Ukoke’s cordless trimmer starts working immediately without any warm-up time or hassles of filling up gases. Also, once you are done, it doesn’t need any maintenance. All you have to do is clear the debris and recharge its battery for the next use.


    6.    Extended Battery Life

    Ukoke has developed a 20V 2.0A battery with a run time of 120 minutes, unlike other batteries that can only last for 30-60 minutes and require a recharge. Extended battery life is a top priority while buying any electric items because the interruptions of recharge are annoying. There is no need to buy several batteries and save some more money.



    Ukoke’s cordless grass trimmer is user-friendly and doesn’t require any special care, pre or post-work maintenance, and frequent recharging. It is suitable for lawns, gardens, or patios without fuel leakage or gas emission dangers. Having this in your garden tools can cut your labor in half. Don’t forget to check other Ukoke Garden tools to make your work even easier

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