Ukoke 7-Day Digital Electrical Programmable Timer Outlet Switch Plug for Lights


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Product Description:

As long as your electrical devices need to be turned on/off periodically, the UKOKE UTM01W Timer Outlet can help! It is perfect for home lighting, fan, heater and other electrical appliances. It is designed to control electrical power to household appliances to save energy and protect the environment. Control your on/off power to your watering systems, Christmas tree, ventilation/temperature control systems, kitchen/garden/farm and all household lighting, and so much more!

Set up to 10 different on/off program settings - Control your systems everyday, every several days, or several times per day! Set times for daily, specific days, weekdays, weekend, Sunday excluded, Mo-We-Fr only, Tue-Th-Sa only and more!

Battery Backup - With the built-in battery, the unit retains the programming, even in a power outage.

Manual Override - The manual override switch helps you conveniently turn the timer on and off manually before or after the programmed time.

Standard Timer/DST and 12/24 hour - The digital light timer can easily switch between Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time (DST). Choose 12 or 24 hour systems as well.

Charging the Timer - Before operation, please plug the unit into an outlet to recharge for 5 - 10 minutes if the device shows nothing on the display.

Key Features:

  • UKOKE UTM01W Application Timer Outlet is designed to control the electrical power to household appliances to save energy and protect the environment
  • Digital time programming down to the minute
  • Save your time and energy output by automatically turning on and off lights, fans and other electrical devices
  • Schedule up to 10 on/off events
  • Events can be set to occur on specific days, every day or a combination of days
  • Random vacation light timer feature mode can be used to turn power on and off at random intervals
  • Easily switch between Standard Time and Summer Time mode
  • Choose between 12 or 24 hour display mode