Ukoke Professional Pruning Shears with Japanese Carbon Steel SK-5 Blade Garden Hand Tool




  • Heavy duty, high quality SK5 Japanese carbon steel blades meets the highest standards giving you a precision cut to maintain your garden. Ideal for cutting light tree branches, stems, hedges and shrubs. Made with quality blades that stay sharp, durable and won’t easily dull out.
  • Teflon coating surface technology provides long-lasting protection against rust corrosion. Non-stick Teflon coating also prevents rust and keeps blade sap-free.
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip, lightweight handles for easy and comfortable cutting
  • Smart design with a pulley and spring-loaded mechanism reduces repetitive motion injuries and wrist strain
  • User-friendly design with safety lock feature that can be disengaged with a single hand even while wearing gloves
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 3/4” thick